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Develop Competence with the Cultural Detective Method
Mandelieu la Napoule FRANCE: 15-16 January
Chennai INDIA: 24-25 January
Register now and support your local SIETAR as well!

Participants in CD Facilitator Training Granada Spain Are you up-to-date with the latest intercultural competence development methods?

Have you been meaning to sign up for one of our facilitator certifications, but you just haven't done it yet?

Now is the time! The workshop in Mandelieu la Napoule will be conducted bilingually in English and French. Be sure to check out this beautiful spot, and the only European certification we currently have scheduled!

The workshop in Chennai is a post-conference event of the SIETAR India Congress, and proceeds will benefit that organization.

Click the link below to download more information or register. Email or telephone Kris at +1-913-764-2624 to learn more.

Culture Shock/Adjustment Curves Prove Inaccurate

Process Model for Effective Intercultural Transitions
Kate Berardo Transitions Model

You aren't still using that 50-year-old U-curve or W-curve, are you? Kate Berardo conducted the literature review that discredits the validity of these models, and provides us a practical and effective new approach that dovetails beautifully with the Cultural Detective® method and materials you are already using.

Facilitated Online Learning
17 & 19 January 2011
Register now as space is limited to 15!

Our online training is getting RAVE reviews from customers! and at this affordable price you can get an entire team up to speed online for the price of an airfare.

Site license customers tell us that, as a supplement to certification workshops, these online learning programs make a huge difference in their roll-out of the Cultural Detective method and materials to people around the world, without the hassle and expense of travel. For those of you who have not yet been able to attend a certification, these webinars will get you started with the Cultural Detective method and materials.

Here is what a recent sponsor, an organizational vice president, has to say:
"I remain extremely impressed with what your Cultural Detective team has been able to achieve with our staff, in a very short time, through these online facilitated learning events. You adapted the material to our world, you actively engaged the participants from a wide assortment of our international locations, helping us to learn a memorable and seemingly simple process that is incredibly deep and complex. These workshops have been a major step forward in enabling us to achieve our organizational goals and objectives."
These online workshops have to date not been open to the public. Sign up now online to reserve your space, as the sessions are limited to 20 people.

If you are looking for an affordable way to enable dispersed team members to collaborate more effectively across cultures, to resolve conflict and make the most of diversity, register today.
Email or telephone Kris at +1-913-764-2624 to learn more.

Being a "Cultural Photographer"

Very Different From Taking Tourist Photos

Tarahumara band
Culturosity's "Photography Guide" is a free download that provides an excellent guide to taking photos as a cultural photographer rather than as a normal tourist. Check it out!

Can You Guess?

CD Global Teamwork cover
Recently as I was updating our incident search database I was blown over by the sheer quantity of excellent content our team has developed: the wealth of resources this series now presents.

Take a moment and guess how many packages are now in the Cultural Detective series? Write down your answer. How many critical incidents? How many cultures?


Have you guessed without reading ahead? Are you sure? Ok, we now have 59 packages, 418 incidents, and 139 cultures. Oh, and by the way, the series spans 50 industries and 46 professional functions. Congratulations and thanks to everyone involved!
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Ecotonos, Redundancía, Shinrai, Communication Highwire  
Ecotonos logo

Cultural Detective authors have created many intercultural effectiveness simulations, games and tools. We are proud to announce that we are growing our relationship with the Intercultural Communication Institute, and in addition to administering some of our certification workshops, they will now be fulfilling orders on our hard-copy products.

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