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Developmental Intercultural Competence

Cultural Detective, Personal Leadership, and the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity 

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A successful trainer, coach, or facilitator in an intercultural context accounts for at least three dynamics simultaneously:

        • the external realities of cultural difference: the values, beliefs, and personal cultural sense that show up in the given interaction,
        • the internal realities of each person's self-reflexivity: the extent to which the people involved are able to show up in the present moment with mindfulness and creativity, and
        • the cognitive capacity each person has for dealing with difference.

Successful trainers, coaches, and facilitators must be ready to account for these dynamics both within themselves and within their participants, and they must be ready to help everyone involved (themselves as well as participants) take their next steps in learning to engage these dynamics with increasing skill.


This is a complex, some might say juicy, mandate!


We propose that this mandate can be successfully accomplished through the interweaving of three powerful intercultural tools: Cultural Detective (CD), Personal Leadership (PL), and the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS).  

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April 11: Fundamentals: Cultural Detective, Personal Leadership, and the Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity


May 4: Understanding and Working Across Differences: Using CD and PL to Develop Learners in Ethnorelative Stages


May 25: Delving Deeper into Difference: Using CD and PL to Develop Learners in the Transitional Stage


June 22: Learning to See Difference and Then to See Commonalities: Using CD and PL to Develop Learners in Ethnocentric Stages 

The Yin and Yang of Tiger Moms
Eun Young Kim
Building Bridges Across Parenting Styles
CD South Korea Coveer

Raising a bicultural child for a globalized world, I want him to appreciate diverse cultures, starting with his own (Korean mom and American dad). Like any good Blended Culture parent, I periodically reflect on both his Eastern and Western heritages, to make sure we're raising him in the best manner possible. 

Thus, I have been drawn quite naturally to the outpouring of heated response to Amy Chua's latest book, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" (Penguin). The more I think about her and this book, the more American (than Chinese) Amy seems to be.


Certainly she demonstrate two key Asian values: authority as a parent and a strong work ethic. But I find the rest of her approaches quite un-Chinese.

CD Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT)

Outstanding Tool 7 Years in the Making, Now Available!!!           
CD LGBT cover
Our largest and most complete package ever! Cultural Detective LGBT contains 5 Values Lenses (a Shared Values Lens, as well as Lenses for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender values), 15 critical incidents representing LGBT populations from all around the world, an introduction to each culture, a glossary of LGBT terms, a special appendix on "coming out," and notes on facilitating a discussion about LGBT cultures.

The package has already been piloted to rave reviews at the Out and Equal and SIETAR conferences. "The power of the product is in how it engages the conversation," explains one of the package's international authors. "I have never before worked on a 100%, pure democratic project; we were able to build trust in each other and in the process, putting the huge differences of styles, perspectives and experiences amongst us to good use," says another author. Please help us get the word out about this outstanding new tool!


 Cultural Detective Facilitator Certifications
In Istanbul, Berkeley, Zug and Portland

CD Facilitator Training Participants, Spain

Experienced professionals as well as those new to the intercultural field find incredible value in these powerful workshops. Register to attend one now!
ISTANBUL: 19-21 May 

BERKELEY: 20-22 May
ZUG: 16-18 June 

PORTLAND: 22-24 July 


 "Cultural Detective is a clearly defined process and a very useful tool to being able to bridge cultures."
- participant in a certification in India


"Cultural Detective harnesses the power and beauty of working with heart-felt values."
- participant in a certification in Spain


"Cultural Detective has allowed us to move forward with our plans to improve and expand our cross cultural communication and competency trainings."

- participant in an in-house certification


"Cultural Detective increases effectiveness, pure and simple."

- participant in a certification in Switzerland   

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Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks
Free Updated Version from a Cultural Detective Author

GDI Benchmarks cover

Cultural Detective Global Diversity and Inclusion co-author Alan Richter has just released an updated version of Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks: Standards for Organizations Around the World. Based on extensive contributions from 79 expert panelists around the world and co-authored with Julie O'Mara, the 32-page booklet includes a new diversity and inclusion model and illustrates what excellent diversity and inclusion work looks like today, worldwide. 


Users of the 2006 Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks state that the Benchmarks have helped them assess and measure progress in leveraging diversity and fostering inclusion and, thereby, improve the quality of their work and results. "We hope this updated Global Diversity and Inclusion Benchmarks tool will continue to help organizations worldwide assess themselves objectively. Leveraging diversity and making an organization more inclusive are keys to making this a better world in which to live and work, one organization at a time," add O'Mara and Richter.


Language Under the Gun
Joe Lurie
Does our Language Reflect Our Society or Vice Versa?     
gun control image

Feeling "under the gun" or "in the cross-hairs?" Do you prefer to work with "straight shooters" or enjoy hearing from colleagues that you're "going great guns?" Have you made any "killer" presentations lately? 


This article urges us to reflect on the language we use and how it affects, or reflects, politics and daily behavior.

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