September 2011
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Who Cares if Apple's Tim Cook is Gay?

Susan Gore


Article by Co-Author of Cultural Detective LGBT
Photo of Cook and Jobs 

Apple recently surpassed Exxon to become the company with the world's largest market cap. And replacing Steve Jobs at the helm of this powerful company is Tim Cook, who is reportedly gay.


A gay man heading up the world's largest company! A cause to be celebrated! A man who is private and happens to be gay; give him a break, give him his privacy. Sexual orientation has nothing to do with his position. No, the press has a duty to report on public figures, spouses and families are often a focus, so failing to talk about a public figure's gay lifestyle perpetuates discrimination...  


And so the debate roils, as we try to figure out what is "right" when our visible and invisible identities are put on public view.  

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You Asked for It, so We Scheduled Another This Year
10-12 November, Facilitator Certification in Chicago
photo of Istanbul certification attendees


As most of you know we held six Cultural Detective Facilitator Certifications this year, including one this week in Krakow. But the uproar we heard when you found out that Krakow was the last certification scheduled for this year was LOUD! Ouch!


Tatyana Fertelmeyster, our grand mistress of certifications, has responded by setting one up for you all in her adopted hometown, Chicago. It will fill quickly, and early-bird rates are currently open, so please sign up quickly. 


Experienced professionals as well as those new to the intercultural field find incredible value in these Cultural Detective Facilitator Certifications. Please note that you do NOT need to be certified to use the Cultural Detective method and materials. Our goal is to have you use them, to promote collaboration and understanding in our world.     

"Cultural Detective is a clearly defined process and a very useful tool to being able to bridge cultures."  

- participant in a certification in India


"Cultural Detective has allowed us to move forward with our plans to improve and expand our cross cultural communication and competency trainings."

- participant in an in-house certification


"Cultural Detective increases effectiveness, pure and simple."

- participant in a certification in Switzerland   

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A Liter of Light: Isang Litrong Liwanag

Recycled Plastic Lights Homes via Solar     

Logo Liter of Light


Dark homes even in the bright light of day. No power to light them. Must we then live in darkness?  


Sometimes it seems the "perfect solution" is not readily available, but this time, thanks to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and lots of homegrown involvement, homes are being lit in the Philippines and around the world, for free.


View the video to get a quick introduction to this terrific project. It involves taking a discarded soda bottle, filling it with water and bleach, and inserting it through the roof of a house so it diffuses the light of the sun throughout the room below.  


Announcing Our New Daily Intercultural News Feed
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screen shot of CD news feed

While news feeds are by no means perfect, we have really been enjoying this one. Delivered to our in-box every morning, the Cultural Detective Intercultural News Feed this week provided us at least five new training and coaching ideas as well as links to two conferences we had not heard about before yet are interested in attending.  


The news feed picked up one story that showed close-up photos of grains of sand. While they were gorgeous (and oh were they gorgeous!), our first reaction was: "What does this have to do with cross-cultural communication or diversity? I guess the news feed technology may not be there yet..." Well, we hope you'll be pleased with the train of thought those grains of sand produced. We put together a PowerPoint on cross-cultural dynamics that you are most welcome to download and use. It hasn't been polished and perfected like the grains of sand, but if you read the presenter notes, we are confident you'll have fun customizing the ppt for your programs.


Please subscribe and share with us your ideas.   

Report from SIIC: the MashUp Course

Barbara Schaetti


Developmental Intercultural Competence         
CD-PL-DMIS graphic

This summer Barbara Schaetti and Dianne Hofner Saphiere conducted a course at the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication with a terrific group of participants entitled, "From the Margins to the Center: Intercultural Identity as a Revolutionary Act."

One core piece of that five-day workshop was what the two of us, along with Heather Robinson, are calling the "MashUp:" Cultural Detective and Personal Leadership, woven together in yin-yang effectiveness, and used developmentally. The results have been astounding.

Barbara Schaetti wrote an
article on the course, which you may be interested in reading.

MANY thanks to all those who are helping us move this MashUp forward and get it used in the world in the places and ways it needs to be used! It is some of the most exciting and transformative work the three of us have done, and is definitely taking the intercultural field to new and valuable places.


Students: Register for the Global Youth Forum by Sept 23!

Cultural Detective is the Proud Sponsor of this Event


People to People logo

The teenagers in your life already teach you technology, now let them learn and guide you through the richness that Cultural Detective has to offer!


The "Global Youth Forum" brings together students from around the world who are interested in promoting international peace and cooperation in their communities. This year's 10th anniversary event is for students aged 13-18, and will take place November 9-13. The curriculum will be based on the Cultural Detective method.  


The GYF is an annual event of People to People International (PTPI), a nongovernmental, not-for-profit organization that since 1956 has promoted international understanding and friendship through educational, cultural and humanitarian activities. With a motto of "Peace through understanding," more than 80,000 families and individuals have participated in its programs for students and adults. PTPI has a presence in 135 countries and offices in Kansas City, Berlin and Cairo.


Be sure to let the young people in your life know about this terrific opportunity! We look forward to seeing you there! 


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