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Congratulations to our "Legend of Diversity"



Donna Stringer, Your CD Team Salutes You! 


Donna Stringer and Cultural Detective team members in Granada Spain 























The Cultural Detective community is celebrating further recognition of the brilliance, generosity, wisdom and courage of our teacher, mentor, friend and Cultural Detective Women and Men co-author, Donna Stringer. Donna is front right in the photo above, which was taken in Granada Spain during a Cultural Detective team dinner.


Donna will receive a "Legend of Diversity" award at the International Socity of Diversity and Inclusion Professionals' inaugural conference in Puerto Rico on April 26th.


Donna has worked selflessly and tirelessly for decades, patiently helping others to see what she sees so clearly, and leading numerous corporations and individuals to develop their intercultural competence. She epitomizes grace, wisdom, and straight talk kindness.


Donna, you so deserve this award, among the many others you have received in your career. Congratulations and thank you for being such an important part of our team!

The Diverse Efforts of the Cultural Detective Community

Social Media Show Their Worth


Mai in Socotra with a covered womanCultural Detective is very fortunate to have a team of 130 authors based all over the world, committed to helping people understand one another better, and to making this world of ours a more sustainable, inclusive, and equitable place in which to live.


Let me share with you a couple of stories about the domino effect of the relationships in this team over the last month.


First our Intercultural Competence News Feed published a story out of Norway about an Indian couple whose children had been taken away partly because the parents "fed them with their hands." Cultural Detective Deaf Culture co-author Anna Mindess, who is also a food blogger, took it upon herself to create a charming, educational short film about the custom of eating with one's hands. You can view the video here.
The power of people, and of social media to connect us and help us make a positive impact on the world! Next our Cultural Detective Vietnam co-author, Phuong Mai Nguyen, starting talking about this incredible journey she was taking from where Islam began, following the path of how it spread around the world. What an adventure! And she was doing it as a woman, alone! So we've had the joy of following her trip on our new blog. We've learned how misleading the veil might be to those who don't wear it, and a bit about the elections in Yemen. Thank you, Mai.
Finally, and also via virtual communication, my good friend Carmen DeNeve taught me that the famous Hollywood Oscar statue is modeled on a Mexican, and she also wrote a terrific post about the recent Time Magazine "Yo Decido" cover.
If you haven't already, be sure to subscribe to our blog to read stories like these and many others, as they are published.


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Upcoming Facilitator Certifications 















These incredible workshops will enable you to make full use of your Cultural Detective materials and methods to: 

  • Enhance intercultural effectiveness and productivity in your organization or community.
  • Excellent introduction to intercultural communication competence.
  • A wonderful way for the advanced practitioner to reflect on the things that matter, and develop the ability to combine the various theories, approaches and tools in the field.


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Living in Our Multicultural Society



Parenting and Dating in a Multicultural World


game logoIf you are in any way involved in childrearing these days, you know how challenging it can be to help kids maintain healthy balance, guiding them towards an open-minded worldview and away from the stereotypical messages they can get on television or video games. Tereza Bottman very ably shared her recent experience, "Objection! Talking with children about cultural stereotypes."


Need a chuckle? You might also be interested in a series on intercultural dating "mis-steps," or "Cultural Defectives," that a few of our users have shared with us. 

Book Review: How Maps Change Things

Review by Dianne Hofner Saphiere 

A Conversation about the Maps We Choose and the World We Want


How Maps Change ThingsAnyone looking to develop a new class or training program to improve intercultural competence? This just-released book, How Maps Change Things: A conversation about the maps we choose and the world we want, could be the basis of one terrific learning journey! 


I highlighted something on nearly every one of its 188 pages. I learned so much, on so many different yet related topics, that I now have five or six threads of learning and discovery I want to pursue!


Diversity Training Doesn't Work!



Diversity Training Promotes Prejudice!


Diversity training photoThus read the title of a Psychology Today online article. While so many of us complain about media sensationalism, I begrudgingly have to admit that the inflammatory title led me to read this article. The discussion that resulted from the blog post I wrote in response has lit up several LinkedIn groups, Facebook, and our Twitter account.


  Read the rebuttal, article, or the research

Celebrating the Life of Steve Murphy



Global Nomad, Talented Professional, Beloved Friend


Steve Emmanuel and SusanIt is with great sadness that the Cultural Detective team bids adieu to Cultural Detective India co-author Steve Murphy


This photo was taken at a CD team dinner on 11-11-11, during a champagne toast at 11:11 pm. Steve is at left, clowning around as usual despite a recent stroke. Cultural Detective Cameroon and CD West Africa co-author Emmanuel Ngomsi is in center, and Steve's terrific sister Susan at right.


Steve had a degree in engineering from Princeton, and an MBA in public and private management from Yale. His remarkable career spans three continents, and with his wife Carol who died a year ago, Steve raised two incredibly talented Blended Culture kids: Amelia (currently studying in Italy, a student at Brown) and Tom (who interrupted his academic studies in nursing to take care of Dad).


This team is incredibly blessed with talented and truly terrific world citizens. Steve's intellect and gourmet tastes were a pleasure whenever any of us had the opportunity to spend time with him. He was a talented and truly collaborative professional, a combination which seems all too rare some days. During a multi-year battle with cancer, Steve showed unending good humor, grace and consideration for others. His family and friends had the joy rather than the duty of being with him till the end.


Steve, thank you for your friendship. Amelia and Tom, your Mom and Dad were so very proud of you. Please know you have a worldwide family here at Cultural Detective. Susan, we can not imagine a more devoted and loving sister; bless you!

Developmental Intercultural Competence

3 September - 21 December From Your Home or Office

Online classroom


The ability to collaborate productively and enjoyably across cultures is more important than ever, whether we focus on communicating with elderly parents or teenaged children, or on building trust and producing results with colleagues at the next desk and across the planet. But what do theory and practice tell us about how to gain maximum effectiveness?


One exceptionally rapid and proven way to successfully improve cross-cultural competence is to use the MashUp: a natural and powerful combination of two leading intercultural competence development processes: Cultural Detective (CD) and Personal Leadership (PL).


This four-month course will transform your personal and professional practice. It will enable you to use the MashUp in a developmentally appropriate manner to support and stretch learners at all stages of intercultural development. Coursework will be conducted virtually, allowing you to complete the assignments from your office, home, or during travels.


Hold Your Summer Institute Dates!

Premier Professional Development "Summer Camp"


ICI logo

Block your calendars for two brand-new five-day workshops by Cultural Detective creator Dianne Hofner Saphiere, to be conducted at the 36th annual Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) on the Reed College campus in Portland, OR. 


July 16-20 (SIIC Session II) Dianne will co-facilitate a workshop with Barbara Schaetti entitled, "Developing Intercultural Competence: An Integrated Practice." 


Then, July 23-27 (SIIC Session III), Dianne will co-facilitate with Jonamay Lambert a workshop entitled "Designing and Implementing Global Diversity Training." Cultural Detective authors Donna Stringer, Basma Ibrahim DeVries, and Tatyana Fertelmeyster will also be facilitating workshops at SIIC in July.


Don't forget that between Sessions II and III there will be a Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification workshop, right on campus to make it easy! 


The Summer Institute offers about 50 different workshops, plus programs for Fellows and New Interculturalists. Be sure not to miss it!


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