February 2012
Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness
Tips, Techniques and Resources 
In-Depth Learning on Bridging Cultures!!!


Your Most-Requested Package is Now Available!

We are proud to announce the debut of our latest offering, Cultural Detective: Bridging Cultures. This new tool enables individuals, teams and organizations to purposefully strengthen mindsets and skills in order to leverage cultural differences as assets. It contains worksheets, exercises, tools, tips, and complete instructions. The learning package is authored by  Kate Berardo.


This new package will enable you to understand how you tend to react when encountering cultural bridging opportunities, identify more effective strategies for bridging both in-the-moment and over time, and practice putting these skills into action. 
More specifically, you will:
  • Identify when a conversation is about to spiral up or down.
  • Identify "bridge builders" and "bridge blockers" to your successful intercultural communication.
  • Learn techniques for in the moment bridging of differences to ensure conversations spiral upward instead of downward.
  • Develop holistic strategies that consider influencing factors such as history, context, and structure of the interaction.
  • Learn how to expand, filter and test effective bridging solutions.
  • Develop high-impact, creative bridging solutions to both prepare for and repair intercultural relationships.
  • Practice, and receive feedback, on bridging strategies in situations that are real and relevant for you.
Cultural Detective: Bridging Cultures is organized around four main competencies that are essential to bridging cultural differences. They are:
  1. Self-Awareness: Being aware of the mindset you bring to challenging intercultural situations, and knowing both your strengths and blocks in turning such situations into bridging opportunities.
  2. Course Correction: Recognizing points in an interaction where misunderstanding or conflict starts to occur, and responding appropriately.
  3. Holistic Analysis: Being able to analyze complex intercultural situations in a detailed and holistic way that considers a variety of influencing factors, and, thereby, more effective solutions.
  4. Creative Solving: Learning skills and methods to generate "beyond the obvious" solutions to bridge intercultural differences.
Proud to Announce Our New Blog!



Contributions from Users Worldwide and Links to Resources
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Thank you for joining us on the journey these past seven years: the "Clues to Intercultural Effectiveness" newsletter has been published since 2005! 


Changing technology and new content curation tools have now made it possible for us to bring you intercultural competence tips, techniques and resources more effectively and quickly by using a blog format. Also via a blog, you will be able to share your own commentary, stories and experiences, so that we can truly grow as a community: a community dedicated to enhancing intercultural collaboration, social justice, and sustainability in our world.


On the blog you will already find several "Cultural DEFective" (cross-cultural misses) and "Cultural EFFective" (intercultural success) stories, a book review ("Transformation Diversity"), and links to a some current world events with a bit of intercultural commentary. We are excited about this new development, and trust you will be, too! We hope you will subscribe to the Cultural Detective blog. Our intention is to continue to publish this occasional newsletter.


Should you have an article or link you'd like to share, or if you are a Cultural Detective user who would love to help us by regularly contributing to the blog, please email us. Thank you!

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Book Review: Transformational Diversity

Review by Dianne Hofner Saphiere 

Why and How Intercultural Competence Can Help Organizations to Survive and Thrive


Transformational Diversity coverThis new book by Fiona Citkin and Lynda Spielman aims to take diversity programming "beyond race and gender" (p. 1) to "more effectively enhance productivity and performance" (p. 3).


It is a compendium of the latest thinking along with sample designs and resources that helps us take stock of where we should be going and the latest best practice for how to get there. 


What most stood out for me is that they give voice, or, rather, print, to many of the things leading global D&I practitioners have been saying over the past decade. And this is valuable. Just a few examples include:
  1. The fact that organizations hire "diversity" ...


Now is Your Chance!
Facilitator Certifications in Paris and New York City
Krakow Certification participants


These incredible workshops will enable you to make full use of your Cultural Detective materials and methods to: 


* Enhance intercultural effectiveness and productivity in your organization or community.

* Excellent introduction to intercultural communication competence.

* A wonderful way for the advanced practitioner to reflect on the things that matter, and develop the ability to combine the various theories, approaches and tools in the field.


March 16-17 in Paris is sponsored by SIETAR France, and May 4-6 is hosted by AFS Intercultural Programs.


 Learn more or register 

Developmental Intercultural Competence

3 September - 21 December From Your Home or Office

Online classroom


The ability to collaborate productively and enjoyably across cultures is more important than ever, whether we focus on communicating with elderly parents or teenaged children, or on building trust and producing results with colleagues at the next desk and across the planet. But what do theory and practice tell us about how to gain maximum effectiveness?


One exceptionally rapid and proven way to successfully improve cross-cultural competence is to use the MashUp: a natural and powerful combination of two leading intercultural competence development processes: Cultural Detective (CD) and Personal Leadership (PL).


This four-month course will transform your personal and professional practice. It will enable you to use the MashUp in a developmentally appropriate manner to support and stretch learners at all stages of intercultural development. Coursework will be conducted virtually, allowing you to complete the assignments from your office, home, or during travels.


Hold Your Summer Institute Dates!

Premier Professional Development "Summer Camp"


ICI logo

Block your calendars for two brand-new five-day workshops by Cultural Detective creator Dianne Hofner Saphiere, to be conducted at the 36th annual Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) on the Reed College campus in Portland, OR. 


July 16-20 (SIIC Session II) Dianne will co-facilitate a workshop with Barbara Schaetti entitled, "Developmental Intercultural Competence: An Integrated Practice." 


Then, July 23-27 (SIIC Session III), Dianne will co-facilitate with Jonamay Lambert a workshop entitled "Designing and Implementing Global Diversity Training." Cultural Detective authors Donna Stringer (recently named "Legend of Diversity"), Basma Ibrahim DeVries, and Tatyana Fertelmeyster will also be facilitating workshops at SIIC in July.


Don't forget that between Sessions II and III there will be a Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification workshop, right on campus to make it easy! 


The Summer Institute offers about 50 different workshops, plus programs for Fellows and New Interculturalists. Be sure not to miss it!


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