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Announcing a New Partnership

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Cultural Detective
is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the Intercultural Communication Institute to provide our facilitator certifications. Participants will benefit from the same dynamic curriculum, materials, and facilitators, but registrations and logistics will generally be handled out of Portland, Oregon.

The Intercultural Communication Institute annually convenes the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication, the world's oldest and most respected professional development institute for interculturalists. We are proud to be affiliated with ICI.
Enhancing Global Team Productivity

 Jolanda Tromp
Lessons from the Field
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Working as a team when the team members are globally distributed is at the best of times a difficult undertaking. Even for the most experienced managers this can be a collaboration process that is complicated to manage, especially when the team members have a different cultural background and a different culturally determined work approach.

I am honored to be one of the co-authors of Cultural Detective Global Teamwork. And, while I am a psychologist and an expert on long distance collaboration, not inexperienced at running workshops, I am not a professional interculturalist and I was recently tasked with presenting the challenges for Global Teamwork to a conference room full of intercultural experts. I trust that by reading about my adventures you'll gain the courage to try out a few more of your own.

Your Chance to Improve Your Competence

Designed for people in the private, governmental and NGO sectors; educators; team leads; HR, OD and training professionals; or anyone who desires to navigate and utilize the human diversity of the world in which we live. These workshops provide a proven process for understanding and bridging cultural differences of nationality, ethnicity, generation/age, religious tradition, gender and sexual orientation.

Some comments from previous attendees:
  • "A powerful and constructive collaborative tool that transforms friction into creativity."
  • "Has helped me make my company more attractive to a younger and more diverse workforce."
  • "Invaluable to helping me relate to my clients and to solving complex problems."
  • "Indescribably valuable method for acquiring cultural intelligence."
  • "Clear, concise materials can be used in a variety of settings, especially when time is limited."
Some of the world's largest organizations as well as governments, universities and individuals have used Cultural Detective materials in their training and development programs, coaching sessions, and as a tool for team building and conflict resolution with resounding success for nearly two decades.

Contact Mary Kibbe at the Intercultural Communication Institute via email or telephone, +1-503-297-4622.

2009 Linkage Diversity Toolbox
Kathleen Curran
A Tool for Global Diversity and Inclusion Practices
Valuing diversity and implementing inclusive practices are powerful initiatives that have been shown to produce positive financial impact as well as to make an environment fertile for creativity and fun for collaboration. Data supports our intentions, but implementation of good ideas is often the challenge. As Fortune Magazine once wrote, "The real problem isn't bad strategy; it's bad execution."

Cultural Detective makes one proactively on the lookout for significant clues, asking questions and making meaning from what s/he can find. It is a simple yet powerfully flexible and robust tool for use in the global diversity training room, coaching partnership, and project rollout. And it was included in the latest Linkage Diversity Toolbox.
A Bit of Respite (Exercise) for Your Brain
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Any good detective knows that we need to keep our minds nimble. A website and magazine called "Mental Floss" help us do just that.

Any good detective knows that we need to keep our minds nimble. A website called "Mental Floss" helps us do just that.

My personal favorite is the World Beer Geography Quiz. How can you drink it if you don't know where it's from, right?

Are you able to name all of the EU countries in ten minutes, or all 50 states in the USA or all the ASEAN countries in five minutes?

Perhaps your skills bend to the linguistic, and you'd like to take the World Idioms Quiz.

Improve Team Performance without Travel Hassles
Webinars that are Actually Enjoyable and Productive!
Sound like a dream to roll out the Cultural Detective method and materials to your people around the world, without the hassle and expense of travel?

Here is what a recent sponsor, an organizational vice president, has to say:
"I remain extremely impressed with what your Cultural Detective team has been able to achieve with our staff, in a very short time, through these webinars. You adapted the material to our world, you actively engaged the participants from a wide assortment of our international locations, and helping us to learn a memorable and seemingly simple process that is incredibly deep and complex. These webinars were a major step forward in enabling us to achieve our objectives."
If you are looking for an affordable way to enable managers, executives and dispersed team members to resolve conflict, bridge differences, and collaborate more effectively across cultures, sponsor one of these webinars for your organization today.

Email or telephone us +1-913-764-2624 to learn more or to schedule a webinar or series for your organization.
Master's Research Validates Ecotonos
Eleni Katsouli
Bridging cultures through a mutual process of respectful, well-intended, collaborative communication  
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In an increasingly internationalised business world, conflicts in intercultural communication still represent one of the major obstacles to effective global collaboration.

Following extensive research on both the fields of intercultural communication as well as business gaming, the validity of business games as educational tools - and Ecotonos in particular - has been examined and largely confirmed, as a clear learning process could be proven throughout the data analysis of the paper "The Use of Business Games as a Way of Identifying and Addressing Conflicts in Intercultural Communication" (Katsoula, E., 2009; University of Warwick).

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