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Of Terrorism and Leadership

Timeliness of Cultural Detective® Blended Culture

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During the 2005 London bombings we heard about British nationals, children of immigrants who had not fully integrated into their new homes and felt marginalized. These homegrown terrorists killed 56 people. More recently and across the pond in Times Square, we heard about an attempted bombing by another "encapsulated marginal," this time a naturalized citizen of the USA.

From the 26/11 Mumbai attacks' David Coleman Headley, to the "bin Laden of the internet," imam Anwar al-Awlaki, to Somali boys living overseas being recruited and repatriated to conduct terrorist activities at home, the world is experiencing the negative effects that can be brought about by the emotional and psychological split of Blended Culture experience. According to Cultural Detective Blended Culture co-author Heather Robinson, "These young men are experiencing massive pain and passing it on because they are trying to choose one or the other cultures that are salient in their lives and no one is offering them an option that provides them the 'cultural breathing room' to be all that they are -- with dire consequences to the world."

Contrast that with Blended Culture leaders such as Barack Obama; Carlos Ghosn, the French-Lebanese-Brazilian CEO and President of both Renault and Nissan; Egyptian-born international diplomat and world citizen, Mohammed ElBaradei; or Indian-born Indra Nooyi, CEO of Pepsico. The New York Times recently called people like these hybrid leaders, saying, "They don't fit the traditional templates of leader as general or coach, tycoon or populist. They belong to multiple worlds and carry those worlds with them; they are defined by ambivalence and complexity; they are leading the world in important new ways."

Article author Anand Giridharadas sketches the defining habits such Blended Culture leaders possess, saying they: listen zealously, seek the universal, style switch, are radically pragmatic, know their truths, and think "both/and." Obviously these are interculturally competent traits, the sort of skills and mindsets the Cultural Detective Blended Culture teaches.

Blended Culture experience is a fact of life, whether that blended experience involves geographic mobility, religious, ethnic or racial diversity, even generational differences. How do we channel the Blended Culture experience into constructive "hybrid leader" formation, and away from the encapsulated, terrorist-forming variety? That is where Cultural Detective Blended Culture can be an invaluable tool. Use it to develop hybrid leaders themselves, at the baccalaureate or MBA levels, or mid-career. Use it to educate teachers and counselors in primary and secondary schools, as well as police officers and social service personnel, so they can better interact with and channel Blended Culture experience. Perhaps Interpol, the CIA, large multinationals and others will see wisdom in funding such training!
Collide-o-Culture or Kaleid-o-Culture?


Jacqueline Wasilewski's "GPS for Human Beings"

Wasilewski Human GPS

I have long been a fan of Jackie Wasilewski's. She is one of the brightest shining stars in our intercultural field, plus an all-around terrific human being and friend. She recently presented a session at SIETAR USA, and I was reminded of some of the many things I admire about her work...

2010 Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication

July 14-30, 2010 · Portland, OR USA
ICI logo
The 34th annual Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) offers professional development opportunities for people working in education, training, business, and consulting, in both international and domestic intercultural contexts. Whether you are leading a global team, designing a new diversity initiative, preparing a course for fall term, or directing a study abroad program, the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication will provide the opportunity for intense engagement with intercultural issues, resources, and professionals.

In addition to over 40 in-depth workshops in one-day, three-day, and five-day formats, SIIC also offers two service-learning programs for those who desire an intense professional immersion experience. The staff at ICI are available by phone (503-297-4622) and email to answer your questions about the SIIC programs and workshops and to advise on workshop selection.
Cultural Detective will be well represented, as usual. Sessions showcasing CD methods and materials will include (amongst others):
  • A five-day advanced methods workshop July 26-30 facilitated by Dianne Hofner Saphiere, creator of Cultural Detective. You will leave this workshop with concrete plans for improving intercultural effectiveness in your organization and for getting your job done better and with less effort (Workshop 31).
  • A three-day session on experiential methods, July 14-16 (Workshop 7), conducted by Tatyana Fertelmeyster (CD Russia) and Basma Ibrahim DeVries (CD Egypt).
  • A Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification between SIIC sessions 2 and 3, July 24-25.
Debut of Cultural Detective Vietnam

Cultural Detective Vietnam cover
Xin chao! Welcome to Vietnam, the land of paradox!

Vietnam has a long history scarred with both battles against foreign invaders and welcoming foreigners as friends, not foes. It is a country in which socialist ideals co-exist with a capitalist economy; a place in which the young and old are living lives apart; and a home in which its proud people, while still adhering to their ancient ways of thinking, eagerly absorb new ideas from the West on a daily basis.
Your Chance to Improve Your Competence

Recent certification graduates

Sign up now! Spots are filling quickly!

We are very proud to be working with the University of California Berkeley,  the Institute for Communication Research in Lucerne, and the Intercultural Communication Institute in Portland to provide these workshops.

Designed for people in the private, governmental and NGO sectors; educators; team leads; HR, OD and training professionals; or anyone who desires to navigate and utilize the human diversity of the world in which we live. These workshops provide a proven process for understanding and bridging cultural differences of nationality, ethnicity, generation/age, religious tradition, gender and sexual orientation.

Some comments from previous attendees:
  • "A powerful and constructive collaborative tool that transforms friction into creativity."
  • "Has helped me make my company more attractive to a younger and more diverse workforce."
  • "Invaluable to helping me relate to my clients and to solving complex problems."
  • "Indescribably valuable method for acquiring cultural intelligence."
  • "Clear, concise materials can be used in a variety of settings, especially when time is limited."
Some of the world's largest organizations as well as governments, universities and individuals have used Cultural Detective materials in their training and development programs, coaching sessions, and as a tool for team building and conflict resolution with resounding success for nearly two decades.

Contact Mary Kibbe at the Intercultural Communication Institute via email or telephone, +1-503-297-4622.

Gibberish that Sounds Real?


Revisiting a Classic from the 70s

adriano celantano

Do you remember the rock song Prisencolinensinainciusol, written by Adriano Celentano? It's a catchy tune, and was written with English phonemes and syllables that mean nothing but were intended to sound like US American English. If you haven't heard it, take a break and take a listen. If you have, hey, here's a chance to revisit it. Enjoy!

Online Facilitated Learning
Interactive, Engaging and Amazingly Productive!
Sound like a dream to roll out the Cultural Detective method and materials to your people around the world, without the hassle and expense of travel?

Here is what a recent sponsor, an organizational vice president, has to say:
"I remain extremely impressed with what your Cultural Detective team has been able to achieve with our staff, in a very short time, through these webinars. You adapted the material to our world, you actively engaged the participants from a wide assortment of our international locations, helping us to learn a memorable and seemingly simple process that is incredibly deep and complex. These webinars were a major step forward in enabling us to achieve our organizational goals and objectives."
If you are looking for an affordable way to enable managers, executives and dispersed team members to resolve conflict, bridge differences, and collaborate more effectively across cultures, sponsor one of these online learning events today.

Email or telephone Kris at +1-913-764-2624 to learn more or to schedule.

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