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Developmental Intercultural Competence

Cultural Detective, Personal Leadership, and the DMIS:

A series of 4 state-of-the-art online workshops

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· So many intercultural models and tools, but how do they fit together?  

· How can we combine the "best of" intercultural communication theory and practice into designs that improve performance, well and quickly?  


We are incredibly excited about these upcoming online workshops! They are definitely the first of their kind, and you can join us, online, from anywhere in the world! 


If you are reading this, you know about Cultural Detective's process-based approach and the powerful results people achieve with it in a short amount of time.


The Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity (DMIS) describes the development of the ability to experience cultural difference. As such, it provides a proven framework for readiness and can be used to guide delivery of intercultural learning that is both appropriately challenging and supportive. Dr. Milton Bennett, creator of the DMIS, will join us on April 11 to help kick things off.  


Personal Leadership is a well-regarded methodology for enabling us to respond to cultural differences in effective and productive ways even when we feel personally or professionally challenged. It helps us attend to our automatic "default" reactions, so we learn to remain open and inspired.  


Using Cultural Detective and Personal Leadership in combination enables practitioners to harness the best of each of these two approaches. Using these two methods in developmentally appropriate ways further enables coaches, trainers, teachers and leaders to deliver intercultural learning that is developmentally targeted.  


This incredible, perhaps one-of-a-kind opportunity will be limited to the first 20 registrants in each online workshop, so sign up now.

The New Cultural Detective Video

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Help Us Build Intercultural Competence!

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Customers have been asking us for a video to help them explain the Cultural Detective method to their employees, and thus more effectively roll it out and make best use of it in their organizations. Take a peek and let us know what you think! Above is a 4 minute complete version, but we also have shorter, less explanatory versions available.
30% Increase in Customer Satisfaction

Attributed to Cultural Detective

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A site license client and computer software industry giant credits Cultural Detective for a 30% improvement in customer satisfaction on their international support calls.

The organization holds a site license for 36 Cultural Detective packages, has conducted in-house facilitator certifications, uses Cultural Detective as a basis for coaching their system engineers and for training incoming and newly promoted customer support staff.

Talk about getting the most out of their investment! Higher customer retention, up-selling, referrals; increased revenue for a low up-front investment. Plus employees feel empowered instead of frustrated! What would a 30% increase in customer satisfaction mean to your organization? Find out by running a pilot; download a package to get started now.
Responses from Blended Culture Readers

Sound Familiar? Friends? Neighbors? Family? Employees?
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"My wife is from Colombia and I am from Sweden (half Greek). We have lived together in Russia, Venezuela, Florida (USA) and now Sweden. Our two sons were born in Miami and are thus Americans, Colombians, Swedes and Greeks from a cultural perspective."


"I was born in Lebanon, and I have also lived in Cyprus, France, Togo and now Canada. Most of my family is in Lebanon, but some are in France, the US and Canada. I speak French, English, Arabic and Spanish. My wife was born in Chile, of Spanish parents. Most of her family is in Spain. Her brother is in the US, married with an American. My wife speaks French, English, Spanish and Italian. Our kids are born in Canada. At almost 5 and 3, they both are fluent in French and Spanish and we have recently started to introduce English. I travel all over the world for work and I love being confronted to different cultures. I feel very comfortable with most of them and I think it comes from a simple sense of observation and willingness to leave my familiar points of reference at home in order to better interact with people while traveling and better absorb their way of doing things."


"I was born in Russia, where I permanently lived for 11 years. Then I started to travel with my swimming team, finally ending up in Japan, where I got enrolled in high school. Hold a bachelor from Russia and MBA from Thailand. Lately I have been living and working in different countries in South East Asia. I am deeply influenced by an Asian lifestyle and can truly say that my experience made me open minded, tolerant and exposed to the world. I have not got a family yet, but I can imagine how exciting, though hard, it is to raise kids to be multilingual and multicultural. Yet I believe these are the children of the future. In time, the whole generation will be like them (for the good)."  


Any of this sound familiar? Sound like your employees, managers, friends and neighbors? The above were some of the responses to an article that Kris Bibler recently wrote about Blended Culture values. 


 Cultural Detective Facilitator Certifications
In Istanbul, Berkeley and Portland in May & July

CD Facilitator Training Participants, Spain

Experienced professionals, those new to the intercultural field, and even our package authors find incredible value in these powerful workshops. Register to attend one now!

· BERKELEY: 19-21 May
· ISTANBUL: 19-21 May
· PORTLAND: 22-24 July 


 "Cultural Detective is a clearly defined process and a very useful tool to being able to bridge cultures."
- participant in a certification in India


"Cultural Detective harnesses the power and beauty of working with heart-felt values."
- participant in a certification in Spain


"Cultural Detective has allowed us to move forward with our plans to improve and expand our cross cultural communication and competency trainings."

- participant in an in-house certification


"Cultural Detective increases effectiveness, pure and simple."

- participant in a certification in Switzerland   

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A Cultural Detective in Provence
Report on the CD Certification in Mandelieu la Napoule

Mandelieu la Napoule attendees A hugely diverse crew took refuge from the frozen parts of Europe to bask in the sunshine of Provence and participate in a bilingual Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification. Read about the very cool projects on which this incredible group of people worked.    

American University's Intercultural Management Institute

Cultural Detective Self Discovery: Exploring Roots and Leveraging Diversity

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The 12th annual  IMI Conference will be held March 10-11 at American University in Washington, DC. On Thursday March 10th from 8:45-10:00 am Valli Murphy will be conducting a concurrent session using Cultural Detective.

We look forward to seeing you there! 
Save the Dates!

2011 Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication
July 13-20, 2011 · Portland, OR, USA · Internship July 6-23

ICI logo
The 35th annual Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication (SIIC) offers professional development opportunities for people working in education, training, business, and consulting, in both international and domestic intercultural contexts. Whether you are leading a global team, designing a new diversity initiative, preparing a course for fall term, or directing a study abroad program, the Summer Institute for Intercultural Communication will provide the opportunity for intense engagement with intercultural issues, resources, and professionals.

The 2011 SIIC workshop schedule will be available in early spring. For more information, please visit www.intercultural.org or contact ICI by phone (503-297-4622) or email.

A Cultural Detective Facilitator Certification workshop will be held in conjunction with SIIC. Several authors are on the SIIC faculty, and non-author faculty members frequently use Cultural Detective in their sessions. Don't miss this best-in-class professional development opportunity!
Constructivist Foundations of Intercultural Communication

31 March - 2 April in Milan, Italy

Course by Milton Bennett

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Intercultural communication is a young field, born well after Einstein's contribution of time/space relativity to physics and the translation of that idea into anthropology as cultural relativity. It addressed the then-new question, "if you have your own worldview, and I have mine, how can we understand each other?" Early interculturalists gave a powerful answer to that question: we must construct a bridge between them. The course shows how this constructivist idea generated the intercultural theory and applications that are still in use today. 


Interculturalists need to know these roots of their identity, so they can rightfully claim the intercultural perspective and not confuse themselves with other, less powerful approaches to cross-cultural relations.


This course is intended for both new and experienced interculturalists who wish to be more effective in their research, teaching, training, coaching, or other applications.  

Learn more 

Related Products
Ecotonos, Redundancía, Shinrai, Communication Highwire 

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Cultural Detective authors have created many intercultural effectiveness simulations, games and tools.

In a 2009 research study by B.J. Köller ("Practitioners' Insights on Intercultural  Training: Design and Practices"), 55 leading intercultural practitioners were queried on their favorite games, simulations and methods. We are very proud to say that products offered by Cultural Detective (Cultural Detective itself, Redundancía, and Ecotonos) held three of the top five places in the rankings.

Be sure these resources are in your repertoire!

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