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  • Experiential learning through critical incidents
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There are a number of strong unifying values in Canada despite vast geographical distances, regional differences, and talk of separation. While Canadians are not usually a difficult people to get along with, certain interpersonal approaches will get Canadians' backs up and hinder the achievement of business goals. Insights from this program into Canadian values and their relevance to business will give you a competitive advantage and can make your life easier. Various workplace scenarios are provided to help US Americans as well as nationals from around the world to better connect with Canadians and aid in successful collaboration.

Cultural Detective Canada contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • My Way or the Highway:

    The vice president of sales in a Japanese electronics firm focuses on developing teamwork among his Canadian district sales managers.

  • On Your Own:

    Ibrahim Kadarsan, an Indonesian accountant on a development assignment in Canada, dialogues with his manager.

  • Send in the Peacekeepers:

    Canadian and British delegates to the United Nations discuss plans of action in a war-torn African country.

  • Snow Much in Common:

    Two Canadian women, Jane Michaels, a "westerner" from Alberta, and Giselle Savard, Québecois, bond and confound one another at a joint Chamber of Commerce event.

  • Slash That Budget:

    Members of the executive team of a US automobile manufacturer's Canadian division disagree on cost-cutting procedures.

  • Two Official Languages:

    Two executives in the energy industry, Ken Walters, Canadian, and Paul Robbins, US-American, get to know each other.

  • Beer Partners:

    A Mexican marketing executive, Pablo Suarez, travels to Canada to locate a distribution partner.

  • Crumpled Org Chart, The:

    A French IT professor relocates to Montréal and is shocked by decidedly non-French behaviour in the world's second largest French-speaking city.

  • Expand to Canada:

    A US retail electronics company plans to open stores in Toronto, Montréal, and Vancouver.

  • Just Call Me Sunny:

    A Pakistani soil engineer is invited to conduct a briefing in the Canadian office.

Cultural Detective Canada was authored by Don Rutherford, Lionel F. Laroche and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.