In addition to the Cultural Detective Series, several members of our author team have created products that you may find useful. Here is a list:

Created by our Principal or Published by Cultural Detective


Communication Highwire: Leveraging the Power of Diverse Communication Styles

Communication Highwire Cover "Beyond Valuing to LEVERAGING Diversity..." A practical book including 4 models, 37 stories, and 26 reproducible activities grounded in theory for using differences at work, in communities, or at home. Authored by Dianne Hofner Saphiere, Barbara Kappler Mikk, and Basma Ibrahim DeVries. Published by Intercultural Press. US$34.95. For inquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +1-913-901-0243 or click on the logo or title to order.


Ecotonos: A Simulation for Collaborating Across Cultures

Ecotonos4edCoverA powerful and extremely adaptable simulation, Ecotonos breaks the usual stereotypes and barriers. Participants improve their skills and strategies for multicultural collaboration and teamwork. Ecotonos can be used multiple times with the same people by selecting a new problem and different variables, with each replay offering new and different cross-cultural perspectives. Eight to fifty (or even a thousand) participants form three groups and create their own cultures. Participants begin to work in their monocultural groups, then mix groups to continue the task multiculturally. The simulation and debriefing require a minimum of two hours. The debriefing includes the highly effective method of process mapping. Ecotonos comes with an instruction manual, cultural name tags, 30 sets of rule cards, three prewritten case studies and three team tasks. The new FIFTH EDITION comes in a small, hard plastic case for easier transport, and includes:  debrief instructions to complete the simulation in two hours; explanation of the intercultural theory inherent in the simulation; full instructions for using the various handouts on intercultural collaboration; expanded sections on adapting Ecotonos to a variety of cultures and situations. Authored by Dianne Hofner Saphiere. Read a research study showing Ecotonos' effectiveness in developing cultural intelligence (CQ). See a review of Ecotonos. Click here for customer comments. There is also an online Ecotonos facilitators' group; all users are welcome to join and learn. To order click here or on the cover above. For inquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +1-913-901-0243.


EPIC: Essential Practice for Intercultural Competence

EPIC: Essential Practice for Intercultural CompetenceThe Essential Practice for Intercultural Competence (EPIC) cultivates true intercultural competence going beyond creating intercultural awareness. Based upon decades of work, EPIC distills intercultural competence theory to its essence and brings it to you in a holistic and easy-to-learn method that offers lasting results.

EPIC Starter License: Gives a user the right to facilitate EPIC: Essential Practice for Intercultural Competence, for one year. It includes three hours of coaching and support within the first six months.

EPIC Annual License Renewal: Gives a facilitator who has already purchased the Starter License a one-year renewal of permission to use EPIC: Essential Practice for Intercultural Competence

EPIC Participant Handouts: Purchase one license for every person who will use EPIC: Essential Practice for Intercultural Competence. Participant Handouts may ONLY be purchased by those holding a current EPIC license.


Perception and Deception: A Mind Opening Journey Across Cultures

PerceptionDeceptionPerception and Deception: A Mind Opening Journey Across Cultures is a spirited, insightful, and timely exploration of cross-cultural miscommunication in an increasingly globalized, hyper-connected world. It offers an astonishing, intriguing, and sometimes tragic array of intercultural encounters that have gone wrong across the globe because of the limitations of our respective cultural lenses. The stories from over 70 countries (indexed by culture) are illuminated by the author's rich collection of international proverbs and sayings that reflect on the nature of perception, perspective, and “truth.”

In addition to these stories and reflections about cross-cultural misunderstandings, this expanded edition contains exercises that can be used as springboards for developing intercultural competence. At the end of each chapter there are questions and activities designed to develop and heighten cultural self-awareness and sensitivity to people from other cultural backgrounds. These activities are suitable for individuals, students, and groups of all backgrounds and professions.

This edition's new chapter, “Globalization and its Disconnects: Convergence Without Context,” focuses on spiraling cross-cultural mis-perceptions in the areas of religion, migration, and technology. Interactive intercultural activities help readers understand and develop useful strategies to cope with the disrupting cultural disconnects of globalization.

Some of the newly added interactive activities are designed to be used in conjunction with Cultural Detective Online, a reasonably priced subscription-based tool that allows 24/7 access to the nearly 70 packages that are part of the Cultural Detective® Series.

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Redundancia: A Foreign Language Simulation

redunlogo Requiring about 10 minutes to conduct and about 30 to debrief, this extremely powerful simulation helps participants experience speaking a language non-fluently, how it affects one's ability to stay focused and connected with the listener, and how it influences one's feelings of competence and confidence. Participants also experience listening to second language speakers, and notice their own tendencies to help or to become distracted. Read a customer-authored usage case of Redundancía. See what other users have to say.


Shinrai: Building Trusting Relationships with Japanese Colleagues

shinrai.jpg Shinrai is a high quality audio CD and 24-page booklet that helps busy executives build lasting and fruitful business relationships in Japan, and with Japanese colleagues. The approach is a combination of cultural insights and relationship-building phrases. Learn Japanese common sense, which may be vastly different from that which you were raised. Develop comfort with several high-impact phrases in Japanese, not "standard" phrases, but phrases that truly show your sincerity and make a difference. Whether you travel to Japan on business, work via phone and email with Japanese, or live and work in Japan, this CD will improve your productivity and effectiveness in your day to day dealings. US$39.95, with volume discounts available. Read reviews of Shinrai. For inquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +1-913-901-0243 or click on the logo or title to order.


Success Strategies

SuccessCoverSuccess Strategies, a new book with chapters by Cultural Detective authors Dianne Hofner Saphiere and Kathleen Curran, as well as Warren Bennis, Brian Tracey, and Marjorie Blanchard, contains chapters on both intercultural business effectiveness and diversity. US$19.95. For inquiries please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or telephone +1-913-901-0243.


Created by our team members:

Au Contraire: Figuring Out the French

Au ContraireFor anyone involved in interactions with the French, whether in business or government, as a student or armchair devotee of crossing cultures, Au Contraire! is a book that unearths the often invisible cultural forces that govern behavior. Authored by Cultural Detective France authors Gilles Asselin and Ruth Mastron, published by Intercultural Press. Click on the title for more information or to order.


Business Know-How Rumänien

diversafariA hands-on overview fn Romanian business essentials for German speaking expats working in Romania. City specials cover Bucharest, Timisoara and Sibiu. Authored by Cultural Detective Romania co-author Rita Booker, published in October 2008. Please click on title for a German description and ordering on amazon.



Learning games on over forty cultures, produced by George Simons, a prolific Cultural Detective author. Diversophy complements Cultural Detective; the latter provides deep insight, the former provides behaviors and dos/don'ts. Click on the title for more information or to order.


Reading Between the Signs: Intercultural Communication for Sign Language Interpreters

diversafari This groundbreaking book is a recognized classic that has been embraced by both educators and practitioners. It provides a unique perspective to explain differences between Deaf and hearing cultures. Widely used as a text in Deaf Studies courses and interpreter training programs worldwide. Written with the help of three distinguished Deaf consultants. Authored by Cultural Detective Deaf Culture co-authors Anna Mindess and Thomas K. Holcomb. Published by Intercultural Press.


See What I Mean: Differences Between Deaf and Hearing Cultures

diversafari A humorous and enlightening video about the differences between Deaf and Hearing cultures. Issues such as leave-taking, privacy, attitudes toward time, giving and receiving criticism and comments on personal appearance are explored and discussed from each cultures’ point of view. L. Robert Kohls said, "I have found that the SEE WHAT I MEAN video works extremely well with standard courses in Intercultural Communication, because it makes its points so simply and so clearly. It provides the most convincing substantiation that every group is shaped by its culture and, in turn, the group creates and shapes that very culture." Authored by Cultural Detective Deaf Culture co-authors Thomas K. Holcomb and Anna Mindess.


Wachstumsmärkte Osteuropa

diversafari This book is about Eastern European business culture especially for the German-speaking world. A collection of case studies covering poverty, culture and corruption, the role of women and religion in communist society, and customer orientation and compensation systems in organisations, will give you impressions about working in this part of the world. Countries covered include: Baltic Region, The Balcans, Poland, Czech Republic, Slowakia, Slowenia, Hungary. Countries in focus of the book: Romania and Bulgaria. Authored by Cultural Detective Romania co-author Rita Booker and featuring Cultural Detective Bulgaria co-author Stanislava Zaprianova and Cultural Detective Austria co-author Dr. Brigitte Lüth. Please click on title for a German description and ordering on amazon.



diversafari A very entertaining and engaging teamwork game based on a folkloric game of West Africa that makes powerful and memorable teaching. Package includes a training video, music cassette, booklet, wood blocks and player pads. Created by Emmanuel Ngomsi, author of Cultural Detective Cameroon and Cultural Detective West Africa.