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New Zealand

"I am a New Zealander," used to be an introduction whispered hesitantly. This is not the case any longer. Today's dominant image of New Zealand is that of youth and vigour—a dynamic, resourceful people positioned on the cutting-edge of adventure, knowledge and creativity. "Kiwis" live with an extraordinary opportunity to create their future. Cultural Detective New Zealand will give you invaluable clues to making the most of your relationships with New Zealanders.

Cultural Detective New Zealand contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Family Affair, A:

    A New Zealand retailer attempts to expand his business through an Indian manufacturer.

  • Expensive Lesson, An:

    New Zealand owner-operators working in China miss an important cue and lose their intellectual property.

  • What Rules?:

    Gaps in understanding widen between an innovative New Zealand engineering company and its new Japanese owners.

  • Bouncing the Bottom:

    A fire forces a New Zealand-Netherlands joint venture to address the cultural issues.

  • Clash With the Colonials:

    A high-performing New Zealand team culture encounters a new British CEO.

  • Focus on Task:

    A failed strategy threatens a New Zealand consulting firm's IT contract in Malaysia.

  • In Your Place:

    A US American "tall poppy" meets the New Zealand clobbering machine and gets mowed.

Cultural Detective New Zealand was authored by Taruni Falconer, Bill Watson and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.