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  • Experiential learning through critical incidents
  • Reliable, repeatable, and structured process
  • Quickly develop applicable skills


Best known for its banks and mountains, its cheese and chocolate, the real Switzerland is unique and intriguing. This thought-provoking Cultural Detective Switzerland package invites you to uncover the key values and contradictions of Switzerland's complex society.

Cultural Detective Switzerland contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Adding Swiss Value:

    A Swiss engineering team in Indonesia to assist with a joint venture.

  • Moving to Switzerland:

    An expatriate couple from Puerto Rico, newly arrived in Zurich, are troubled by the neighborhood welcome.

  • Weekly Shopping:

    An expatriate from Ghana living in Zug has difficulty grocery shopping.

  • Meeting That Went Better Than Expected, A:

    A German multinational acquires a family-owned Swiss engineering firm in St. Gallen.

  • International Art Exhibition, An:

    A bicultural team of French-Swiss and German-Swiss organizes an international art exhibition.

  • Urgent Request, An:

    A US American expatriate in Lausanne responds to an urgent request from US headquarters.

  • Saturday of Many Surprises, A:

    Expatriates from Taiwan Republic of China living in Geneva become puzzled by the local laundry and car dealership.

  • Bicycle Ride, The:

    Cultures collide on a Swiss-US bicycling tour.

  • Coffee Break, The:

    German-Swiss and Indian IT team members introduce themselves as they begin working together.

  • Confusing Boss, The:

    A Swiss expatriate engineer adjusts to his new position in the USA.

  • European Training Program, A:

    A Swiss woman responsible for rolling out a sales training program receives input from the British head of sales.

Extra! Cultural Detective Switzerland includes a map of the linguistic regions of the culture, and the Values Lens includes both national and region-specific values.

Cultural Detective Switzerland was authored by Ariane Curdy, Heather Robinson and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.