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Denmark, a very small nation in the northern part of Europe-Scandinavia, is the world's oldest monarchy. The Danes are especially known for good design, food & beverages, the pharmaceutical industry, soccer, badminton, and the storyteller Hans Christian Andersen. You may have heard names like Georg Jensen, Royal Copenhagen, Carlsberg, Bang & Olufsen, Novo Nordisk, Lego, and Maersk. Many of these brands are recognized all over the world. Denmark is a modern society with a homogeneous population that enjoys a high standard of living with many small and medium-sized companies. The families are usually small, the majority of all men and women work, and Danes value their free time. Cultural Detective Denmark explores some of the underlying values of business interaction in the Danish context that may explain some of these achievements.

Cultural Detective Denmark contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Pragmatic Conflict Resolution?:

    Creative Danish approaches are offered to circumvent a "no alcohol" policy for the annual Christmas lunch.

  • Too Much Informality?:

    An English banker joins a Danish company and finds the teambuilding activities somewhat puzzling.

  • Humour Misunderstood:

    A Danish joke is not appreciated by Swiss counterparts.

  • Showing Respect or Speaking One's Mind?:

    The CEO of a Danish subsidiary in Portugal fails to get candid views from his management team.

  • Dinner Conversation:

    A Thai scientist is lectured by Danish academics around the dinner table.

  • Independence and/or Teamwork?:

    Reconciling family commitments with management responsibilities in a Japanese-US-Danish context.

Cultural Detective Denmark ws authored by Anders P. Hovemyr, Marianne Egelund, Tuula Piispanen-Krabbe and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.