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There is a joke: "God, while creating Europe, made fun of the Poles; he put Poland between Russia and Germany to see what would happen."

The history of Poland is complex. In the 16th century it was one of the most powerful countries in Europe, but after that it remained conquered and partitioned for over 120 years. Poland finally became independent in 1989, starting a chain reaction of destruction of the Communist system. Lech Walesa and Pope John Paul II have become international symbols of this struggle for freedom. The long period of fighting against aggressors has left its traces on the Polish mentality and behavior in both business and private life. Cultural Detective Poland will help you learn how to understand and work more effectively with Poles.

Cultural Detective Poland contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Ultimatum, The:

    An inventive Pole creatively solves a problem but upsets Swedish management.

  • When Something’s Wrong, Don’t Look at Me!:

    A South Korean manager is shocked at the way a production error is dealt with.

  • Signed Contract, A:

    A US company finds that a previously signed contract is worthless in the face of political changes.

  • Big Deal:

    Polish workers’ determination is viewed negatively by German parent company.

  • Deadline Nightmare:

    A Dutch manager is surprised when his Polish subordinate’s estimate of the time needed to complete a report isn't accurate.

  • Disappearing Jobs:

    French employees are rude to Polish workers who will replace them.

  • Longer Holidays:

    Polish workers take matters into their own hands when a British business owner is inflexible.

Cultural Detective Poland was authored by Pawel Walentynowicz, Radoslaw Walentynowicz and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.