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Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic, which shares the second largest Caribbean island with the Republic of Haiti, is a nation defined by a mixture of origins. Its principal cultural elements are derived from three main roots: Tano, European, and African. Through syncretic processes, Dominican culture has evolved into one distinctive culture that simultaneously maintains individual elements of its unique roots and similarities to other Latin American cultures. It is fundamental to understand the characteristics of Dominican cultural in order to successfully navigate the world of business, academics, or simply in order to develop meaningful personal relationships with Dominicans.

Cultural Detective Dominican Republic provides insights into the Dominican culture, society, and business practices, all of which are drawn from the authors' real life experiences and understanding of Dominican cultural values over time. These insights will help the reader to achieve a competitive edge while gaining a clear understanding of Dominican forms of communication and interaction. A variety of living, learning, and workplace scenarios are provided to help the reader to better connect with, interact with, and successfully collaborate with Dominicans at all levels of society, and to enjoy doing so.

Cultural Detective Dominican Republic contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Religious Dilemma:

    Kristina, who grew up considering religion to be a private matter, is worried that any conversation with her openly religious host mother will turn into an attempted conversion session.

  • Why Can’t I Get Served?:

    Selina, an African American who wears her hair “natural,” cannot seem to catch the bartender’s eye. She gets frustrated and angry when a Dominican male in her group has to order her drink for her.

  • Unwanted Attention:

    Stefanie, a German student, has been told that piropos from Dominican men are meant to be compliments, but dealing with them every day makes her extremely uncomfortable.

  • Test Troubles:

    David, an Asian American and a strong believer in individualism and competition, runs head-on into Dominican solidaridad during a mid-term exam.

  • Starting a Company:

    Mr. Gold and Mr. Gupta confront several unanticipated problems at Dominican customs when trying to retrieve a shipment for the construction company they are founding.

  • Seeking a Typical Dominican Experience:

    A visit to the local barber teaches Sean that good relationships with friends and clients are a priority for Dominicans, but the way those relationships are maintained is not quite what he expected.

  • Delayed Business Meeting:

    Mr. Yoshida believes he is well prepared for all the meetings he has packed into his brief trip to the Dominican Republic, but finds that he is not prepared for the cultural differences he encounters.

  • Local Friends:

    Chelsea makes friends with Jean Jacques, a Haitian immigrant, and is disconcerted when her Dominican friend Ana suggests that doing so could harm her reputation.

Cultural Detective Dominican Republic was authored by María F. Gonzalez, Lynne Guitar, Robin Young and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.