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India is a country that induces strong opinions, most often running across extremes. Enough and more has been written and said about its contradictions, but there are also common threads that bind its culture.

India has always been a country in the midst of change, the only variable being the direction of the change forces. Because of its tremendous diversity, it also lends itself to not having fixed rules for all situations and people.

As a people, Indians are proud of their history and heritage, and balance the traditions of the past with the modern demands of the present. Our Cultural Detective India package aims at providing insights into key Indian values, and their manifestations across different social contexts.  

Cultural Detective India contains the following stories and critical incidents:

  • Sales Turnaround:

    A young Indian MBA, Satish Kannan, tries to negotiate changes with an older Indian on his sales team.

  • Technology Transfer:

    A team of Indian engineers spends three months in the United States training on new equipment.

  • Trip to Kerala:

    Dutch exchange student Amy De Vries leads an excursion of her international colleagues but becomes frustrated with the hotel.

  • Vishvakarma Pooja:

    A US American executive, Herbert Nelson, introduces changes in an Indian manufacturing plant.

  • Specific Request, The:

    Internationally successful Finnish manager, Antti Virtanen, has a difficult time teaming with Shruti Bose and the Indian team.

  • Business Plan Meeting:

    Bernhard Schmidt, a German manager, conducts the annual business planning meeting with his Indian colleague, Deepak Anand.

  • Construction Project:

    Tensions rise between Japanese and Indian engineering consultants.

  • Joint-Venture Negotiations:

    Ms. Bengtsson leads a team from a Swedish telecommunications equipment company visiting India for joint-venture negotiations.

While all Cultural Detective packages are regularly updated, this second edition of CD India includes a new Values Lens, several new incidents, and fully updated and revised content. Extra! Cultural Detective India also includes information on the impact of Indian values for different groups in Indian society.

Cultural Detective India was authored by Shilpa Subramaniam, Melanie MartinelliMadhukar Shukla and Dianne Hofner Saphiere.