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Melanie Martinelli

Melanie grew up in the tri-national area of the Upper Rhine and received her degree in International Business Management through a four-year course conducted in German, French and English in the three neighbouring countries of Germany, France and Switzerland. 

Melanie's tryst with India began with her award-winning thesis, “Managing Cultural Differences - A Key to Successful Offshore Collaboration.” This led to her joining a Bangalore-based offshore product engineering company, and there began what would turn out to be a 14 year (and counting) adventure in India. After a three-year stint in International Sales and Account Management, Melanie moved to training and development and started building bridges between companies and people around the globe. 

An entrepreneur at heart, Melanie is at her happiest when she’s creating something from scratch – whether this is building companies or designing content or finding innovate ways to make a training program more learner centric. Melanie is currently shaping the company she co-founded “The Learning Gym”, whose aim is to find solutions to the varied challenges faced by learning professionals. 

Today Melanie has more than 15 years of experience both in the academic and global business communities and is passionate about researching and implementing latest and most relevant trends in the training industry. While her interactions with the L&D industry takes on many shapes and forms (facilitator, lecturer at universities, program designer, thought leader) she knows that she’s found her niche. 

On a personal note, when she’s not “up in the air”, Melanie enjoys a variety of sports such as snowboarding, trekking, CrossFit and running. Being married to an Indian actor has given Melanie a whole new and deeper perspective on being Indian and the nuances of the culture.