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Shilpa Subramaniam

Shilpa grew up across the different Indian regions – moving every two years, experiencing a new Indian city and gathering new experiences and life lessons. This nomadic childhood inculcated in her a lifelong sense of appreciating the diversity of cultures and people. 

Shilpa has a degree in Psychology, Sociology and International HR. She worked across industries- architecture, market research and recruitment, before moving into learning and development where she found her niche. Shilpa’s interest lies chiefly in the learning space. At “The Learning Gym”, a company which she co-founded, Shilpa addresses the different learning challenges faced by learning professionals in both the corporate and education sectors. She channels her years of experience in the Learning and Development and intercultural fields, into diagnosing, designing and facilitating. 

Having lived and worked across continents, Shilpa enjoys immersing herself in different cultures and learning about the nuances of what makes the culture click. When she’s on a break (which happens quite often) from being a workaholic, she enjoys Muay Thai, running and swimming. Exploring local cuisines is a life-long obsession which Shilpa continues to nurture.