Enhance global business acumen and systems by using Values Lenses in executive coaching and teambuilding.

How do the history of slavery and current realities of post-colonialism affect working in West Africa today? Learn to manage more effectively.

  • Develop your ability to work more productively and enjoyably with Deaf colleagues.
  • Discover how secondary educators are improving students' understanding of international relations and global cultures.
  • Gain valuable tips on recruiting, retaining and promoting culturally diverse employees.
  • Cross-cultural professionals in the Arab Gulf inaugurate their professional association.

  • Understand culture beyond the passport level, including religion, physical ability, gender, and topical applications such as global diversity programs.
  • A great new way for business people to learn the fundamentals of intercultural competence and gain fluency with a terrific tool for improving global business productivity.
  • Intercultural professionals in India organize their first SIETAR conference.
  • Truly effective global leaders know their ecological footprint – determine yours.
  • Do you value diverstiy? Sign the Religions for Peace declaration.

  • The first introduction to cultural studies and intercultural communication for many people these days is via the dimensions of culture. What are the advantages of such an approach, and in what ways is a Cultural Detective approach different and complementary?
  • Learn to learn about a culture – to detect what is important to people – through their use of space. In this issue, we give you complete instructions for an activity that looks at a Japanese department store through a Japanese Values Lens.
  • Check out five online resources that use language as a window to enhancing cross-cultural competence.
  • Play three video games designed to raise global awareness and citizenship.