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Professor, Universitat de Barcelona

Maria Assumpta Aneas, Ph.D.

Assumpta received her doctorate in the science of education. Her dissertation focused on cross-cultural competencies in multicultural teams across several sectors including tourism, industry, trade and farming. Her research was based on three main components of cross-cultural competency—the ability to access, communicate and create solutions.

Assumpta's intercultural experience was acquired through her work with immigrants and their social and occupational integration. At the university, she worked on numerous cross-cultural research and cooperation teams focusing on professional training, social integration, economic development and culture.

In Spain, she is known as one of the pioneers in the intercultural field in public administration and corporate research and training. She is a professor of cross-cultural competencies at the Universitat de Barcelona and the Universitary School of Tourism and Hospitaliy St Pol (Barcelona). Assumpta is a member of IAIR, Sietar Europa and other global networks. She is currently conducting research in Latin America as a member of GREDI, Research Team of Intercultural Education of the Universitat de Barcelona.

Co-author of Cultural Detective Spain